Alarm Panel Downloading

You have a few different options for downloading alarm panels when they are connected to a Cisco VoIP device that is custom provisioned for use with an alarm signaling solution via the IP Alarms AlarmCloud platform. The most suitable method will likely depend on your level of technical ability, however, it may also depend on what voice service equipment and networks you have available to you.

Connect with a VoIP Adapter via a SIP URI

A SIP URI is made up of a User ID, IP address (or domain name) and a port number. If the MAC address of your custom provisioned IP Alarms Cisco device is 000E08297FC5, the external (public) IP address is, then the SIP URI of your device is 000E08297FC5@ Of course, you can always use a domain name if the Internet connection at the alarm panel end uses a dynamic IP address. You can setup a dynamic domain name with any dynamic DNS service provider.

This method is not supported over PSTN (POTS) and you will need to use an unlocked VoIP adapter so that you can modify the internal settings. You will need to setup your VoIP equipment in such a way that when your downloader software and modem make a call to the alarm panel, the dialed phone number is converted to a SIP URI. This may be possible to do in your downloader software but it will more likely need to be done in the Dial Plan of your VoIP adapter. Due to the way most modem/routers work, you will need to enter a static local IP address into your custom provisioned Cisco device and port forward 6000 UDP.

Connect with VoIP or PSTN via a VoIP DID

If you are not comfortable using the SIP URI method above and you prefer to use good old telephone numbers, then you have the option of setting up a Direct Inward Dial (DID) phone number through a VoIP provider like Callcentric. You can setup a free account with them and order a free DID which will give you a New York phone number that can be called from any telephone anywhere in the world.

Log into your account at Callcentric, go to the Call Treatment tab and Add a new Call Treatment. In the 'Redirect Call To' section, select the 'One Destination' option and then the 'This Nunber' option. Enter the appropriate SIP URI in the format YourMACaddress@YourIPorDomain:6000 and any calls you make from your downloader software and modem to your New York phone number will be forwarded at no cost to your IP Alarms Cisco device. You will need to enter a static local IP address into your Cisco device and port forward UDP port 6000 in your router.

As with all methods of downloading, getting a call connected is only one part of completing a full downloading session. You will likely have to experiment with various settings within your VoIP and network equipment to find the perfect balance that not only gets you connected, but keeps you connected.

If you are using VoIP equipment to dial into the panel, then you will be able to improve your chances of staying connected if you setup QOS in your router. Your chances will increase if you are also able to setup QOS at the alarm panel end.

Critical VoIP Settings

You must use the G711u or G711a codec. Disable any echo, silence or jitter settings. Try different RTP packet durations/timings. If you are unable to reliably connect and complete downloading sessions using the above two methods then you have the option of using a custom provisioned Cisco SPA3102 Downloader device and our Cloud based Universal Upload Download solution.