Dealer Services

Our aim is to to provide Dealers with the platform and tools you need to tackle the challenge of migrating your subscribers away from traditional phone lines. If you believe that IP is the future of Alarm Monitoring, then we share the same goal.

Any Panel - Any Central

We know that you may have installed a wide range of alarm panels from different manufacturers over the years. We know that you probably use different alarm formats and Monitoring Centers to monitor your systems. We fully understand that you don't have control over if, or when your Customers switch to VoIP and this is why we strive to make our solutions universal. Our IP Clean technology allows Contact ID capable panels to reliably transmit signals over any 3rd party VoIP network without a requirement to fit any new equipment at the panel. Our IPtoPOTS technology allows you to use an 'off the shelf' VoIP adapter to support all alarm formats to all Central Stations. Whatever panels you install - we have a solution for you.

Equipment-less Solutions

Up-front costs are critical for any upgrade program that your company may undertake. That's why we worked so hard to bring you IP Clean which is the only 'equipment-less' solution on the market that solves the VoIP problem . You can pass these savings directly on to your Customers and make the upgrade process much more cost efficient.

Manage your Upgrade Program from a Single Location

IP Alarms developed the AlarmCloud Platform so that you can manage all of your Customers and devices from a single web site. We provide a smart phone web app for your technicians so they can place systems on test, view incoming signals and diagnose any problems. We are the only company to build Denial of Service features into our alarm signaling solutions from the ground up and we are proud to have the most highly redundant platform available.

Keep your Customers Happy

Your Customers expect web portals and smart phone app's these days, so that's why we allow each and every one of them to log in and see alarm history and manage email alerts for any number of contacts. You can add almost any brand of IP Camera to a system and take advantage of our Video Verification technology. We want to make sure that when you use IP Alarms technology, your investment is future-proof.