Get out of the Starting Blocks

The Operator Alarm Queue section of our Platform allows your new start Alarm Monitoring Company to receive alarm signals via IP, GSM or PSTN and display them in a grid for your operators to handle from a web browser. Why outlay a large amount of capital up front for expensive alarm receivers and monitoring software when you can pay a small amount on a per client per month basis? That is what Cloud Computing is all about - you only pay for what you use.

Internet Monitoring

PERS & 2-Way Voice Monitoring

It has always been very complex to setup 2-way voice monitoring with alarm receivers and analog/digital phone switches and IP Alarms saw an opportunity to put an end to this complexity by removing the alarm receiver from the equation. Telephony over IP is much simpler and our technology allows you to reliably connect calls from your PERS devices to your monitoring operators over the Internet. Superior call quality is just one of the many benefits of migrating your PERS to IP.

Service Module

As an operator is handling an event and a Customer requests a service, the operator can quickly and easily create a service ticket ready for the service department to take over. Managers can run reports to get a list of Customers that are due for a scheduled service.

Keep your Customers Happy

We provide your Customers with web access to our Virtual Monitoring web site which is the End User portion of our AlarmCloud Platform. They can manage email and text alerts to any number of Contacts, see alarm history and view live images of their home or business from any computer or smart phone.

IP Alarms helps your new company get up and running with absolutely zero up-front investment. No alarm receiver or monitoring software required. We provide everything you need to need to start monitoring and servicing your own accounts. Click here for an overview of the Operator Section