Alarm Receivers Running in the Cloud

In the Monitoring Industry, we tend to think of the problem of declining PSTN as a client side issue. The reality is that the day will soon come when it will no longer be possible to use PSTN lines with analog alarm receivers in your monitoring facility. Whether you decide to free yourself from the shackles of PSTN prior to being forcefully disconnected by your local telco is a matter that warrants serious consideration.

IP Alarms provide several ways for you to migrate your analog alarm receivers to IP yet continue to receive signals from Customers with PSTN lines. You can 'test the water' by leaving your trusty old alarm receiver in it's rack, disconnecting PSTN from your line cards and connecting each card into an IP adapter. This allows you to receive signals over IP into your existing receivers without any changes to Customer premises equipment. Signals travel over PSTN to our platform and over IP into your receivers. The connection into your automation system remains unchanged.

For those of you who only use the Contact ID alarm format, you can scrap your hardware receiver and use our software based Virtual Receivers running in the Cloud. Once again, you simply redirect your phone numbers to our AlarmCloud Platform and there is no requirement for a site visit to reprogramme any of your alarm panels. Signals travel over PSTN to our platform and over IP into your automation system. No more phone bills, a reduced electricity bill and all the other savings you can think of when you no longer need to maintain your own analog alarm receivers.