We want small Alarm Dealers to grow with us

If you do not have ten Customers that you can upgrade in one go, you are welcome to take your time and do it as and when each opportunity comes along. Once you connect your tenth Customer, you will qualify as a Dealer and be eligable for our lowest rates.

Total Number of Accounts Activation Fee Per Account Monthly Fee
1-9 $29 $4.95

Pay for service with a PayPal Subscription

PayPal subscriptions are an easy way to manage monthly payments. Your monitoring service will commence shortly after we receive confirmation from PayPal that you have started a subscription and it will end as soon as we receive notification that you have cancelled your subscription. The subscription is between you and PayPal and you can cancel it at any time without even notifying us. Please understand that there is a cost involved in setting up an account and that the setup fee is non-refundable, even if you change your mind and do not use the service.

Account Activation Fee $29.00
Monthly Subscription $4.95

What happens after you place an order for under 10 accounts

As soon as we receive notification of your payment from PayPal, we will process your order and add the relevant number of new accounts into our web platform database (please allow up to 12 hours on weekdays). We provide you with a user ID and password so that you can log in and provision your devices. That's all there is to it.