Virtual Monitoring

Virtual Monitoring is the web based End User interface to our AlarmCloud Platform. It is ideal for applications where automated email, SMS alerts or web access to image snapshots and live video are required. It is an optional component that can provide an excellent value added service to your Customers.

Video Verification

As the Verified Response policy gathers pace, the ability to receive alarm signals over IP and to access video images of an event are becoming essential components of any monitoring solution. IP Alarms offer the most flexible, cost effective professional IP signalling & video verification solutions on the market to help Monitoring Centers retain existing subscribers and open up new recurring revenue streams.

IP Camera Recording

Alarm signals are sent to our AlarmCloud Platform and camera images can be recorded and stored safely for easy access by your operators and subscribers. Customers can have full control over what happens when alarm signals arrive and they manage their own account settings, zones, users and IP cameras. They also decide which of their Contacts receive SMS or email alerts for certain events. They can log into the platform at any time from their computer or mobile device and view live images from any number of IP cameras registered on the system.