cPad - Cloud based Alarm Control Panel

As soon as the cPad is powered up, it automatically connects to the IP Alarms AlarmCloud Platform without a requirement to connect a single cable or program a single option. The cPad comes complete with its own Cellular GPRS SIM card and removes the headache of running cables from the alarm panel to telephone sockets or Internet routers. All events are sent into the Cloud where they can optionally be forwarded into any Alarm Monitoring Center worldwide.

alarm panel

Web based Self Monitoring Platform

As with most devices these days, this revolutionary new security system can be monitored and controlled via the Internet. Users have a high level of control over how the security system operates and how it is monitored.

As well as transmitting alarm signals into the Cloud, the cPad can send out SMS and voice alerts directly to any number of Contacts. Local alerts are setup via the very simple and intuitive LCD menu on the cPad.

Users can arm and disarm the system from the cPad, from the web platform, by sending an SMS or by calling it from a phone.

Professional Operator based Monitoring

The IP Alarms AlarmCloud Platform has the ability to forward alarm signals into any Monitoring Center in the World. As soon as the AlarmCloud Platform receives an emergency event from the cPad, it can be quickly sent to the relevant Monitoring Company and displayed on screen for a trained operator to take control. Signals are forwarded into the AlarmCloud Client software which is freely available to any Central Station to install on their servers. This connects into any automation software system via serial or TCP and provides a direct path into the Operator Alarm Queue. Signals can also be forwarded via supported automation software API's.

cPad supports the connection of wireless security, fire, medical and temperature sensors. All events are logged in the web platform and are available for viewing at any time.

The 2G Sunset Myth

It suits many within the North American Security Industry to hail the 2G network closure by AT&T as the end of all 2G networks. This is simply not the case and we have it on good authority that the 2G networks from T-Mobile and others will continue to thrive well beyond 2017. To prove how confident we are, if the 2G network is shut down in your area, we will send you a completely new 3G enabled cPad.