Any Panel - Any Alarm Format - Any Central Station

The IPtoPOTS solution works with any make or model of alarm panel. It can use any alarm format and allows your panels to reliably send signals into the Central Station of your choice. It's also easy to switch Central Stations by simply changing the phone number the panel dials. It does not require any special setup in the Alarm receiving Center and allows alarm panels to send out signals over IP from sites where there is no phone line. Signals are put back onto a PSTN landline and a connection is made with the traditional analog alarm receiver at the monitoring company.

IPtoPOTS Architecture

Equipment required to use IPtoPOTS

IPtoPOTS requires the use of standard, "off the shelf" Cisco analog terminal adapters like the Linksys SPA3102 or Cisco SPA112 for alarm transmission. You can purchase these yourself and download the custom IPtoPOTS firmware from our web site. Our IPtoPOTS firmware converts the adapter into a Universal Dialer Capture Module that requires no programming.

IPtoPOTS is completely transparent to the Monitoring Center as calls enter the control room via PSTN. The analog alarm receiver provides the required handshake and kiss-off and passes each signal into the monitoring software in exactly the same way as it always has done.