Single Path IP Monitoring

The vast majority of residences and workplaces now have an "always on" connection to the Internet. This "free" technology has become the most cost efficient method of sending alarm signals to a Central Station. As dual path (IP plus Cellular) systems are too expensive for the majority of alarm monitoring subscribers, IP-only signaling has become the most popular method of alarm transmission.

IP Alarm Signaling

IP Alarms have developed alarm signaling technology that allows any panel to communicate with any Monitoring Company over IP. Our AlarmCloud Platform is at the heart of our technology and provides Monitoring Companies and Alarm Installers alike with the tools they need to migrate their subscribers away from POTS and 2G.

Web Based Management and Control

The ability to have full control over alarm monitoring preferences from a web site is increasingly more attractive to subscribers of all ages. The younger ones almost expect it. Virtual Monitoring is the End User portion of our AlarmCloud Platform allows you to add IP Cameras to your Customers Security Systems. The web interface lets and your Customers you link cameras to particular zones or users of the alarm system to better allocate resources during the recording process. Virtual Monitoring let's your Customers control which cameras get recorded - and when. The platform works in conjunction with IP Alarms signalling devices and provides you and your Customers with a future-proof method of verifying alarm events.