IP Alarms present the first Cloud based Solution to the VoIP Problem

Amazingly, with all the latest technology available to the Alarm Industry, around 90% of Alarm Systems still use plain old telephone service to communicate with a Central Station. The reason for this is well known. There is a general perception that alarm systems do not work reliably over VoIP. The reasons why alarm signals fail over VoIP can be found on literally hundreds of web sites, yet you will find this site to be a single resource on how any make or model of alarm panel can work over any VoIP, PSTN or Cellular network without the requirement for an add-on module. Learn more about our VoIP Solutions.

IP Alarms provide you with a commitment-free way to test your alarm system with our platform. Simply connect your panel into any PSTN, VoIP or Cellular voice service equipment, program your alarm panel using the table below and start triggering alarms. Check the results from a computer or alternatively log in with your smart phone.

Alarm Panel Programming Option Data
Alarm Format Contact ID
Account Code 1234
Receiver Phone Numbers 5163244188, 7864754001, 5169261187

IP Alarms lead the way in Migration away from Telephone Lines

Whether you are an Alarm Dealer, Systems Integrator, Tech Company or Monitoring Center, IP Alarms can help you migrate your security and medical alarm systems away from PSTN landlines and into the future-proof world of IP. Alarm signal communication failures over telephone lines are increasing daily as Telco's switch to using IP networks and consumers migrate their phone service to VoIP. IP Alarms have developed several different technologies and solutions to overcome these issues and hopefully one of them will be suitable for your Company.

Monitoring Centers

Whether you want an IP upgrade for your single line receiver or want to use cutting edge Cloud based Virtual Receivers to process hundreds of signals per second - we have an IP Receiving solution for you. We can interface with your monitoring automation software via serial, TCP or API. If you are just getting started, then we can provide you with a Cloud based Operator Alarm Queue so that your operators can handle events from anywhere there is an Internet connection available. We have been developing IP Alarm Monitoring and Video Verification solutions since 2005 and we are at your service.

Alarm Dealers

We can provide you with solutions that interface with any Security or Medical Alarm System and transmit signals in any alarm format with support for two way voice into the Central Station of your choice. We provide you with a web portal to manage your accounts and troubleshoot communications. If you are looking to upgrade your systems to IP then look no further than our VoIP Solutions.

Equipment Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturing company and have a requirement to transmit alarm events over IP to a server, then IP Alarms may well be the technical partner for you. When you embed our technology into your product, your Customers will have many monitoring providers to choose from. Please visit our AlarmCloud web site to find out how our technology can receive signals from your communication equipment and distribute it to any Alarm Monitoring Center worldwide.

Startup Monitoring Companies

Use our alarm signaling and receiving technologies plus our web based platform as your entry point into the business of Alarm Monitoring. Use our Cloud based event monitoring application to display signals in an online Alarm Queue easily accessible by your operators from any web enabled device. Our web platform and Smart Phone app's are easily customized so you can promote your brand from the outset. More..

Guarding, Patrol and Response Companies

Quite simply, we can receive alarm signals on your behalf, place them into an Alarm Queue and make them available to any authorized member of your staff via the Internet. Focus on running your core business rather than worrying about alarm receivers, formats and transmission paths.

Alarm System End Users

IP Alarms have developed technology that can upgrade your existing alarm panel so that it uses your Internet connection instead of a phone line to send signals to your Alarm Company. It does not matter what make or model it is, or how old it is - it can be upgraded. You will benefit from a smart phone app and the option of adding IP cameras to your account so that you can receive images to verify events. Contact your Alarm Dealer or visit our web site for End Users to find out more about our cutting edge technology.

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